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Poetry In Precincts

"A Power To Heal"

Poetry in Precincts is an innovative program that uses the healing arts to connect law enforcement professionals to young people using the creative thread of poetry.  Poetry in Precincts is a unique and effective program for building communication skills and improving relationships.

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Poetry In Precincts 

"A Power to Heal"

What We Do

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our innovative and strategic programs meet the communication needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small town schools and precincts to large metropolitan school districts and police departments  - delivering lasting changes with measurable impact. Please contact us today to learn how Poetry In Precincts can support your future success.


Heal, Empower, Inspire, Transform

Writing poems is a way to get your story out and let your voice be heard.  The goal of Poetry in Precincts is to heal, empower, and inspire young people, their families, and law enforcement professionals to improve communication and strengthen community involvement using the benefits of poetry.

Microphone voice speaker in school lectu


Enhance Interactions

Creating stronger communities requires understanding cultural differences, parental involvement, courageous young people, energetic professionals and police officers willing to engage

in unconventional ways. Poetry in Precincts uses the transformative
power of poetry to enhance interactions and promote unity in the community.


Realize Your Fullest Potential

Healing does not have a one-size-fits all definition. We all have our own ideas about what it means to heal in life.  Poetry in Precincts desires to equip both young people and police officers with training and tools to build constructive relationships to realize their fullest potential, both personally and professionally.

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Poetry is the voice of

the heart. 

Writing poems is a way to understand and see yourself with words that describe your true feelings.  Poetry in Precincts provides a different yet common ground to help bridge communication gaps between young people, community members and police officers using the powerful language of poetry.

Police Support

Better Relationships, Build Stronger Bonds

Improved communication can help build strong bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve.  Positive and introspective interactions between 

young people and police officers have the potential to promote character, forge  relationships, build trust, help young people reach their fullest potential, and introduce law enforcement to a new way to view the youth.



Change For The Better

As part of the Poetry in Precincts experience, participants will learn tools and techniques that will help them find their unique voices. We will tell our stories using creative, colorful and clever words, and shape them into cool poems that can

transform our relationships with

ourselves and the world around us--making a positive change for the better.

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